Areas of Expertise

Public Sector

The public sector internationally has been asked to radically look deep into its method of operation in order to achieve cost savings and efficiencies and become more customer centred.  Innovative Together support the public service in leadership development, strategic change, innovation, technology implementation and project management to ensure that a culture of innovation is developed in services or processes, and converted rapidly into added value. We have significant experience in public sector recruitment and selection processes.

Education and Training          

The education and training sectors is going through a period of radical reform.   Educationalists play an essential role in developing a future for our countries built on innovation, technology and ability to adapt and change at a very fast pace.   Innovative Together work with educationalists  and schools to provide the leadership, technology, skills and confidence required to capitalise on our greatest resource – children – our future and theirs.

Innovate Together promotes innovative thinking, collaboration, communication and critical evaluation skills using information and communications technology to enhance and support teaching and learning. Their aim is to complement teaching and learning to promote life-long learning and 21st century skills in a fun and creative way.

Innovate Together delivers training to teachers, students and industry using a combination of face to face, elearning and blended learning approaches on pedagogy and competency based education.

Business Sector and Executive Training

Our team use their first-hand industry experience to develop holistic, innovative and pragmatic solutions for small, medium and large complex organizations.

Innovative Together’s skilled and flexible personnel provide targeted personalised training to build knowledge in the latest digital technology and people management innovations. Training is customised for individuals or groups and can be provided at locations suitable to you.  We are most sought after for our expertise in the following areas:

  • Leveraging the potential of the latest business digital tools, social media, cloud computing etc for PC, Tablets and Mobile Phones on Windows, Apple and Android platforms
  • Business coaching and customised leadership training
  • Facilitating the management of change
  • Staff selection and development
  • Development of Innovation and Continuous Improvement programmes

Community Sector

We work to increase the community and voluntary sector’s capacity and capability to play its part in achieving a fair and just society particularly in this time of reduced resources and increasing demands.

Law Enforcement/Security

Ever increasing complex demands including the global and technological dimensions of crime result in increasing challenges for law enforcement and security personnel worldwide.  Keeping ahead of the criminal network requires innovative, collaborative and flexible approaches using the most appropriate technologies.  Innovative Together has extensive experience in this field and works with law enforcement and security agencies to develop comprehensive approaches to address this increasingly complex global problem.


  • Strategy Review and Strategy Development
  • Strategic Change Implementation
  • Change Management Training and Course Design
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Leadership Training and Facilitation
  • Research
  • Course Design
  • Technology Training
  • Education Research Development and Training
  • Innovation Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Project and Programme Management and Review
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management Systems



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