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Clare is a co-founder and Director of Innovate Together, a company linking strategy, leadership, technology, innovation and change management together. The company is based in Dublin Ireland. With an MBA from the Smurfit Business School, Dublin and Diploma in Executive Leadership from UCD , Clare also drawn on her extensive professional experience in leadership development, strategy development, change management, technology implementation, project and programme management and innovation to develop end to end innovative solutions in both small and large complex organisation.
Clare O'Sullivan
Neil is co-founder and Director of Innovate Together. With an MSc in Learning Technologies and extensive experience in E-Learning development and research, Neil also draws on his experience as a teacher working with primary and secondary education in Ireland. He has also worked at the Professional Development Service for Teachers Technology in Education (formally NCTE) and coordinates the Digital Schools of Distinction Initiative (www.digitalschools.ie). He is a specialist ICT and Special Education Needs and Educational Technology Consultant. He develops and delivers teacher training in technology, Web 2.0, Special Education Needs and 21st Century Skills for a number of VEC’s the PDST and Education Centres nationally. He has engaged in extensive research in education, pedagogy competency and technology integration in education at national and European level.
Neil O'Sullivan

HR, Strategy Planning

HR, Strategy and Change management We have a strong professional background in Management and HR consultancy, leadership training and facilitation, strategy development and implementation, project and portfolio management, change management, ICT, professional standards, continuous improvement, innovation, community relations policing and investigations. Experience police leader and adviser particularly in the areas of leadership, change, professional standards and community policing. International experience as motivational speaker at large international conferences on topics including leadership, diversity, excellence, strategy, innovation, change management, community policing and partnerships. Skilled on large scale complex project and programme implementation and project and programme review. Experienced in people management and development, particularly through leadership training, coaching, mentoring, influencing, role modelling and appreciating the importance of diversity. Experienced interview board chairperson and board member (including competency based interviewing). Particular expertise in law enforcement, security and public sector strategy, innovation and programme implementation. Experienced in working on multinational and inter departmental complex projects. Highly proficient in linking people, leadership, strategy, technology, change management and innovation to achieve sustainable results. Understands the importance of developing and sustaining a culture of innovation.

Education and Training

Innovate Together is committed who optimising the potential that technology in education can provide and in the development of schools and learners of all ages. I support and advice schools on their Digital Journey. The courses we designed and deliver are underpinned by 21st century skills, Computational Thinking, Design Thinking and Universal Design for Learning, the SAMR Model and TPACK and STEAM. We train teachers on the use of technologies such as G-Suite MS Office, O365 and much more both in their work environments and more formal settings. The training I deliver incorporates a variety of learning technologies form VLEs and mobile devices, Apps for Education, Web design, blogging, film, reflective learning and e-portfolios, Maker Spaces and interactive presentation, delivery and assessment tools. Collaboration is very much at the heart of my approach. Resent research involved with include Universal Design for Learning and European Teacher Competency Framework and the Digital Schools of Europe. I designed a Digital Technologies Curriculum with my Transition Year Colaiste Eoin, Dublin. We understanding the Irish Education System. Because of our work in the sector, Neil is Chief Validator for the Digital Schools of Distinction, he understand teacher’s and school’s needs, what works for them and what concerns them. We know how to communicate the benefits what technology can do for their work. we have successfully advised schools who were successful in their applications for the Schools Excellence Fund 2018. We have provided training to teachers who work with adults in VEC training centres and Colleges of Further Education. I have lectured to trainee teachers on ICT integration at teacher training colleges and abroad on several occasions. I have trained both very small groups and very large groups. I have trained groups with a wide variety of knowledge, skills and aptitudes in the same session.

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